Discover new life forms | The story behind Linnify's 2023 Internship
Discover new life forms | The story behind Linnify's 2023 Internship
Every year, the opportunity to exchange energy and knowledge with the younger generations is a remarkable moment for us. This is why it is our pleasure to present this year's internship story. A sequel to last year's Ethereal Journey Internship. 'Discover new life forms' internship brings the mission to the next level. Read to know why.
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Discover new life forms | The story behind Linnify's 2023 Internship

You are forming your career prototype while still on the bench of the university. 

The better the prototype, the better the scale-up, right? 

You are the subject of intensive growth, which implies failure and success, friendships and guides, independent decision-making, and honorable asking for help. 

Who’s going to have your back in this intensive growth journey? 


Why Linnify? 

Because we are here to onboard you in the fastest way to bring your unique value to the world.

But who are you, Linnify? 

Linnify is the digital product studio where innovative ideas become scalable and successful products. 

Our unique methodology goes beyond the usual Software Development. 

We do transform ideas into successful products through a validation-driven approach. 

Thus, our mindsets became wired to understand what prototypes need in order to become successful. 

Talent growth included. 

Together with our Mobile, Web, Backend, QA, and Design teams, our Product Management department is responsible for sharing the vision of success and takes ownership of mapping out the necessary steps to meet that success. 

If this starts to look like a multidisciplinary team, know that this is only possible because of #Unity we all share as value. 

#Authenticity stays at the core of who we are and what we do, so we specialize in creating products in industries that go along with our day-to-day values. 

We’re talking Health, Education, Sustainability, and Wellbeing

Our portfolio customers often become partners, as we make sure we share the #Vision when it comes to creating products. 

So, expect a special internship where you will discover much more than software engineering. 

Find your authentic professional self fast with us.

What’s the story of this internship?

Interns of Discover New Life Forms Internship, you’re the sharpest minds on the planet our Ethereal Journey Internship has set ground. Not only you’re the sharpest, but you’re the kindest also. 

The Ethereal Journey of last year discovered a new planet. The planet has been chosen for its favorable environment which enables faster digital connections. But there is so much more than favorable environmental conditions.

It’s you, future interns. Your civilization. You belong to the new age civilization. 

Your generation has been designed to unleash tech creativity. A generation that was created to enhance the rhythm of life development. Only that…

… That you can do it better, faster, and greater when supported by entities that embedded mistakes and the recovery algorithms within them. See a bit of their experience here, here, and there

This is why, this year, the Linnifian civilization who has made it to this new planet, now meets the new civilization of tech. 

Among the civilization, very few remarkably smart beings are noticed, the Linnifians and those golden minds establish a brand new and highly tech-developed civilization.

Grow fast with Linnify. 

Want more details about the internship?

From July 17th until August 25th, 2023, 

Linnify’s Cluj-Napoca Head Quarters will be the place where…

You’ll have 6 weeks to learn all you need to know about

  • Mobile with React Native, 
  • Backend with NodeJS, and 
  • Frontend with Angular.

You’ll then be able to make an informed decision on which of those is your technology. Frankly, to choose your weapon.

After that, you will work on your technology of choice to build a solid foundation for your great career in tech.

Bonus information: You will be closely guided by your mentors, and get to spend time will all the Linnifians, as this paid internship also includes an amazing teambuilding. ;) 

I want in. What do I need to do?

The whole process happens on our very own recruitment platform. How do we sometimes call called? You might’ve guessed it: Recruitify. 

  1. Sign up and enter the Linniverse.
  2. Click on the current campaign and fill in your application form. You'll need to have your CV/Resume prepared. (LinkedIn helps a lot too)
  3. You will then be granted access to your first Linnifian challenge: the multiple-choice test.
  4. If you passed the test, you will unlock the ‘book your interview slot’ feature.
  5. Book your interview, come to our HQ in Andrei Muresanu, 34 Macinului Street, and we’ll meet in person. You’ll get to talk with one of our tech Linnifians and one of the culture-fit-responsible Linnifians.  
  6. After the interview, when decisions have been made, you will receive an email with your final response. 

If you have any questions, we’re only one email away.

Write us an email at if there’s anything we can bring clarity to.

Good luck!

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