Linnify Keeps its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
Linnify Keeps its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch
We wanted to measure how happy our partners are with Linnify's products, services, and capabilities. That's how we started recommending our customers to review us on Clutch. Read what they think about our B2B relation.
Linnify Team
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Linnify Keeps its Five-Star Streak Alive on Clutch

You know you’re doing the right thing great when you’re clients are happy and satisfied. Here at Linnify, we value our customers above all else. Based in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, we are a team of innovators that love helping brands strategically navigate their markets and achieve their goals. 

Since day one, we’ve always made it our mission to show our clients how much they mean to us by transforming their ideas into stellar products. The success they’ve reached is tantamount to our success as their trusted partners. With that being said, we’re extremely grateful for every opportunity our clients have opened for us — including our exciting five-star streak on Clutch.

Clutch is a Washington DC-based review and rating platform that helps browsers understand the complex B2B industries. As of writing, Linnify has already earned 13 in-depth reviews with five-star ratings across Clutch’s metrics.

Take a look at what our clients’ said about our team and see why we’re a five-star partner.

“We love their personal touch, their impressively fast delivery of the product, and their feedback implementation. For us, it is a success that we have consistent branding that best represents our services tailored to our audience’s needs.”

— Education Director & Co-Founder, Medefine Education Group

“I’m impressed with how Linnify takes care of their customers. They really focus on our experience and creating a partnership. I’m beyond happy with the results of Linnify’s work. The website is beautiful, and we get a lot of compliments on its look and feel.”

— Co-Founder & CEO, NuQ

“I believe Linnify’s project management model was perfect and should definitely be implemented in each company. In terms of evidence of success, the most important thing is that we now understand our clients better and acknowledge their needs and pain points. We also understand better what our product needs, and the steps we have to take next.”

— Co-Founder, Romanian Adventures

We are honored to have such fantastic reviews on our profile. These testimonials help us hold our ground and make a name for ourselves in this ever-evolving industry. Thank you so much to all our clients who took the time to review our services. Your trust genuinely means the world to us.

Our clients’ huge support also helped us be ranked as a leading service provider on Top Design Firms, a directory for B2B companies that curates helpful content. According to their latest research, Linnify is among the top 100 iOS app development companies this 2022.

We look forward to continuing to show the world what we can do. We hope to unlock more distinctions like this in the future.

Dare to change the way you experience life with Linnify.

Send us a message and let’s help you scale your business forward.

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