Reflect on who you are becoming while making steps on your career path | The ethereal journey
Reflect on who you are becoming while making steps on your career path | The ethereal journey
At the beginning of anyone's road, bumps may seem higher than they actually are. To gain perspective, experience has do to its creative magic so that we can become more confident in who we are and how we approach our careers and lives. Internships have the power to fast-forward you onto a path you might actually pursue. The introspective discoveries are various: from soft to technical skills. Read Alexandra Moldovan's self-discovery story, a former intern of the 2019 Space Odyssey, and dearly appreciated Linnifian.
Alexandra Moldovan
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Reflect on who you are becoming while making steps on your career path | The ethereal journey

One thing I know is that my journey has been inevitably influenced by my introverted personality. Some of you might understand what I mean, because, as an introvert, your expectations tend to not include socializing as your top priority. Thus, one might meet certain fears regarding social matching when entering a new environment. I know I had my fair share of doubts, but allow me to give you more context and let my story unfold.

What if tech was not a lifelong dream, but much more like a safe haven discovery?

For some, working in tech might’ve been a dream for a long time. I, one, met this new world in comparison to my initial dream. When I was asked what I wanted to become, for quite some time I would respond with becoming a doctor. And it took me a while to realize that I’d much rather get into a domain where my daily tasks offer me more peace. For me, once I started thinking about working in tech, it started becoming a place where what I bring into this world can be done from a place of stability, clarity, and fewer life or death situations. 

Not long after starting to take tech into consideration that it simply felt more close to who I am.

I think my inclination to perfectionism might have found a more suitable place to deploy in tech. And, funny enough, my socializing style has also met the perfect environment to come about. 

Do you speak tech?

Given the initial disclaimer, you might’ve seen this coming. There might be some boundaries to an introvert’s socializing skills or not, but surely there are some regarding one’s genuine mood to get involved in social environments. 

So here I was, freshly out of my third year of college considering my first ever internship. 

To my genuine surprise, starting the internship has been one enjoyable experience especially because of the people. It felt like we spoke the same language if you will, and I mean that as a metaphor because it really wasn't about the tech lingo or anything in that sense. The interview really set the tone, people were kind and laughing, seemed like they really enjoy their time there. 

Alexandra during 2019's Space Odyssey internship

It was about that balance that Linnify provided throughout the internship. 

When it was about learning and working, nothing else mattered. At the same time, when it was about having fun, it truly was about lovely activities that felt natural, human-centered, and authentic. 

That created a strong connection between people. It was homogeneous and flowy. 
That type of daily interaction that makes you go ‘we’re friends here’

So, to top the speaking tech pun, the authentic communication allowed the soft skills to develop, because even if you spend a lot of time coding, inevitably these skills will make the difference in the long run. 

Everyday knowledge sharing is a Linnifian habit, not only an internship thing

I knew I liked frontend programming, the question for me was 'mobile vs web?'. And even if mobile is something I really want to explore in my career, I chose web development and here I am today. I chose web development after the two weeks of internship learning. My choice inevitably was influenced by the passion I’ve seen around me. The teams formed themselves in a way, I’d say. 

My mentors then were Andreea Ghic and Darius Bogdan, two special people who did not stop giving out know-how at the end of the internship. Even today, I can definitely say that every mentor from the internship program earned their title not only by participating but rather by genuinely being that type of kind person who wants you to learn from their experiences so that we all grow together at an even pace. 

On this occasion, I will take the opportunity to thank them for being there every day since. 

It was not just an internship, it’s a continuous natural knowledge-sharing habit. 

Andreea Ghic you’ve always been such a kind and securing person. You’re so organized and by the book, but by a great great book. Darius, you’ve taught us about setting standards and continuously unwearily reaching out to top them. A sincere shoutout from my side goes to Răzvan Bretoiu as well for helping me become a better skilled and more aware developer.

It’s a blessing to be part of a work environment where people see you for who you are, and have no false expectations of what you can do. 

To work authentically to your resources and build together with everyone else’s input, input dearly shared by the individuals who simply create a safe place for you to grow even in the low times. 

Any advice for future generations?

Let the good intentions always guide you and be true to yourself in everything you do/choose to do.

Interested in embarking on the ethereal journey? 

Make the first step. 

Create an account and apply here, before April 29th, 2022.

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