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Our core values that we implement in our day-to-day lives are authenticity, vision and unity. A fundamental success factor of teams is a three-syllable word: to-ge-ther
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Creating complex systems always requires an efficient and well-thought backend infrastructure.
Understanding how the components communicate and how they can meet the non-functional requirements of the system is key in delivering a great product.
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Building the product is the process that brings an idea to life. The worlds of design and technology need to be perfectly combined with each other. The team needs to make sure that website visitors can easily interact with the page.
Can you find the right balance between functionality and design?
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Nearly every detail of our lives is mobile. For many consumers, tablets and smartphones are an integral part of their everyday lives. This means that building applications for major platforms is a vital part of any new project.
Are you ready to put your analytical and structured thinking into apps at scale?
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UX/UI Design
The first thing any user sees when using a product is the visual. After they are using it for a while the experience kicks in. Every client has a vision and it is the role of the design team to make it real.
Are you creative enough to keep the users attracted and engaged in today’s world?
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Product Management
A product is delivered by an entire team. A project manager has to gather everyone at the same table, maintain a clear process and enhance communication. More than that, she or he, is the interface between clients and teams.
We are looking for a person that can work on dynamic projects while keeping the team spirit high.
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Quality Assurance
When a product is created we all think about how we would use it, but the fact is that everyone is unique. In order to be two steps ahead, you have to understand the mechanism of the application and be inventive when using the features.
Testing is the last frontier, before the software gets in the user’s hands.
Are you ready to defend the fort?
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People and Culture
We use technology to bring visions to life, but people are our why and our core motivation. The culture we build and the values we nurture are the fuel for every step forward. For that, we build a human-oriented team that helps us achieve the expertise needed onboard.
Are you willing to help us keep our culture alive?
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Sales and Business Development
Starting conversations about the most relevant trends in tech and finding higher purpose into ideas are two of the most important steps towards our strategic partnerships and making business happen.
Targets do not scare you and you manage to see beyond them? Are you obsessed with digital innovation?
Convince us to schedule a call and make a connection that matters.
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Getting the product in front of the right people, by using the right tone of voice is the last part of the process. Yet, it is a key success factor for the business strategic vision. Understanding current digital trends and how people function represent the way towards their devices.
We are looking for one of the brains behind getting the word out regarding the future products.
Are you eager to conquer the world digitally?
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The internship covers Mobile Development, Web, and Backend Development.
As an intern, after the first phase of the internship where you'll learn about all the mentioned technologies, you will get to decide which one fits you best.
You will work together on creating a real app & platform that, in the end, you'll get to present. This is going to be a dedicated demo day for all your tech creative efforts.
Lots of other surprises that help you step more confidently in your career await within the internship.
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