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2021 - 2023
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20 months
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​​Rapid market entry
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Substantial user base expansion
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Significant surges in appointment bookings
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Project Overview
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Beauty services at your fingertips
The Stailer mobile app, developed in collaboration with our company, transitioned Stailer from a web-based platform to a comprehensive mobile solution, significantly enhancing user access and experience in the beauty services market.
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Industry challenges
Adapting to the digital transformation in beauty services and meeting the rising demand for mobile accessibility.
Sections from the app showcasing how a salon is displayed in the list
Results and Achievements
The launch of the Stailer app led to a growth from 10,000 to over 100,000 users in less than a year.
Remarkably, revenue-generating monthly appointments increased from less than 300 to over 30,000 in the same period of time, helping the startup reach a stable MRR of approximately $35k, becoming the leading solution in Romania’s online beauty market for appointment scheduling.
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Stailer was an emerging startup in the Romanian market that was generating attention through its well-positioned branding and marketing efforts that validated its value proposition with early adopters. They started with a web application through which they were able to validate problem/solution fit with innovators and early adopters in the market.
The startup became one of the most publicized consumer-facing tech products in Romania, receiving over 2M EUR in funding since starting their partnership with Linnify and generating follow-up investment even in post-pandemic times when funding was at its lowest.
Their continuous growth and product stickiness solidified their position as one of the most successful consumer marketplaces on the Romanian tech scene.

To date, their solution for scheduling appointments in the beauty market has generated more than 700k appointments in the national market, more than all other competitors combined since the emergence of digital solutions in this space.
Graphic showcasing the user number rise from 300 cu 30k between January 2021 to November 2023
Their continuous growth and product stickiness solidified their position as one of the most successful consumer marketplaces on the Romanian tech scene.

To date, their solution for scheduling appointments in the beauty market has generated more than 700k appointments in the national market, more than all other competitors combined since the emergence of digital solutions in this space.
An article about Stailer entitled: Romanian beauty marketplace Stailer raises 1M euros from angel investors to digitize the vertical
Linnify's Involvement
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Role in the project
Linnify led the development of the React Native mobile app, ensuring simultaneous deployment on Android and iOS platforms, while launching within an urgent launch timeline. Our team also provided the startup with product strategy direction and management practices that they were then able to implement in their own operations.
After Stailer’s decision to expand their market through mobile applications for accessibility, Linnify’s design experts conducted an audit of the performance of the existing web platform, ran discovery interviews and usability testing with customers, all while configuring the system architecture that would be able to scale the product at an accelerated pace.
The launch of the mobile application was a success, our dedicated product team being able to quickly implement customer feedback and create a continuous development pipeline for new features creation.
Once the product had reached a stable revenue stream, our team coordinated Stailer’s transition to internal development resources by setting in place style guidelines, product development processes and validation-driven principles. Linnify’s team still works closely with Stailer when it comes to architecture or AI implementation consultancy, advising the startup on the most efficient ways to scale and test out market needs.
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Application of expertise
The team applied rapid development techniques, focusing on user experience and market responsiveness to meet Stailer's strategic goals.
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• Market Research
• UX/UI Design
• Product Strategy and Development
• Software Development
• Quality Assurance
A photo with a Mobile developer from Linnify working on the project that provided the testimonial
'Developing the Stailer app under tight deadlines showcased our team's ability to deliver high-quality, impactful solutions swiftly.'
Bogdan Dobai, Mobile Developer
Geographical Focus
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Primary market
Tech-savvy consumers that are looking for faster and more convenient solutions to schedule appointments for beauty services in Romania.
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Cultural considerations
Aligning with the lifestyle and tech preferences of Romanian consumers.
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Client's challenge
Stailer required a swift transition to a mobile platform to seize a fleeting market opportunity, aiming to expand its user base and increase service bookings.
Without a mobile presence, Stailer risked losing relevance and market share in the rapidly evolving digital beauty space.
Launching the wrong solution on the market could have abruptly stopped the startup’s growth, hence the importance of understanding user behavior and market alternatives.
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Proposed solution
Tapping into the growing market opportunity, digital appointment solutions in the beauty industry required a cross-platform React Native mobile app for both Android and iOS that could offer an intuitive, user-friendly interface super fast.
We implemented a fast-track development process to validate and launch the mobile app within a critical one-month period, adopting a validation-driven approach to researching user needs.
App screen showcasing how the map with salons look like.
Conclusion and Future Outlook
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Summary of success
The Stailer app project exemplifies our capability to transform client visions into successful, market-responsive mobile solutions rapidly.
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Learning and Growth
We improved our mobile development team members' capability to adapt to a fast-developing product environment, where we had to continuously adapt to customer needs by leveraging the cross-platform capabilities of React Native. Leveraging our market research capabilities and product strategy skills was also crucial to the successful adoption of the product in the market.
Being able to take part in such growth has significantly contributed to our approach to test risky assumptions with small cohorts before going bigger.
A photo with the CPO of Stailer that provided the testimonial
'Linnify is a vital component of Stailer. We truly appreciated their strategic involvement and suggestions that helped us align within our team. That had a lot to do with the needed features and their timing for the success of the project. Because of the user app, the appointment numbers skyrocketed: 70% of the appointments come through the app.'
Vladislav Naliciadji, Chief Product Officer
You can read the full review here


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