Become a React Native developer with Linnify | A successful learning program

Become a React Native developer with Linnify | A successful learning program

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Sergiu Popa

Sergiu Popa


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Key Takeaways

Diving into Linnify’s learning opportunities 

The world of technology has never been this fast-growing, and it is really important to ensure that the most daring of the young tech-savvy are recognized and helped to show their value. Linnify is always on the side of those who are continuously striving to create unique value in the world.

This spring we successfully implemented the first Linnifian Course, a React Native Course. Why successfully? The answer is only a few lines below. 

Five students embarked on a journey of reframing, spending eight weeks, two days a week, at our office working to gain a thorough understanding of the React Native Framework and its key concepts, as well as hands-on experience building real-world React Native Applications. 

Seeing the vision and creating unicity

If you’re wondering why a program like this should be launched or not, it’s important to keep in mind its aim. 

In our case, we wanted to provide a solid foundation in the best practices and industry standards for React Native development, so the graduates will be equipped with the skills required to continue learning and growing as developers. 

Through the recruitment process, we focus on discovering students with a big desire to learn and to want to become part of our authentic team. After reviewing more than 100 applications and conducting 17 interviews, the best 5 contestants were chosen to participate in this pilot initiative.

In order to share meaningful insights about our React Native Course let’s meet Alex Mihoc, an enthusiastic student, who came to our office with a strong desire to learn and improve his skills.

During the course, Alex was a great student, who learned as much as he could and even more about mobile development.

'My personal experience with Linnify's React Native Course has been very exciting, having learned more than I could have imagined at the start in such a short time and from the best mentors you can imagine. Special mentions to Bogdan, who truly inspired me, and for his great skills of sharing knowledge.' - Alex Mihoc

Over the course of 8 weeks, the five students worked closely with Linnify's experienced mentors. These mentors not only provided valuable insights but also shared their experiences and expertise in product development.

‘Perhaps the most significant thing I learned from them was the importance of writing clean and legible code, as well as adhering to strict rules when developing high-quality products. In a remarkably brief period of 8 weeks, I've managed to grasp the fundamentals of a part of technology I had no prior experience with, in a field like mobile development.’ - Alex Mihoc

Follow the steps of a successful learning story

The program was structured into eight workshops, each carefully designed to cover specific aspects of React Native development and industry best practices.

The first week introduced participants to JavaScript and TypeScript fundamentals, along with Git basics and essential development tools like Xcode and Android Studio, followed by a focus on core React Native components, enabling participants to build dynamic user interfaces. 

Advanced concepts such as React, Props, State, and efficient data management using FlatList were explored in the third Workshop. 

The course's focus in the middle was on React Hooks and custom hook generation, and participants were empowered to manage state and logic effectively. 

Workshop #5 introduced navigation in React Native using the react-navigation library, while Workshop #6 covered state management using Redux Toolkit and data persistence with Async Storage

To complete all learning objectives and cover everything that was planned, participants applied their knowledge through hands-on exercises, learned animations with the reanimated library, explored unit testing with Jest, and improved their techniques for optimizing app performance and automating deployment with Codemagic for CI/CD.

What made this truly a success? Becoming a full-time Linnifian

At the end of the course, Alex, initially a course student, became a full-time Linnifian, truly passionate about his work and Linnify’s culture. Another course purpose was to communicate our values and culture, as this is an important component of our Linnifians' day-to-day activities. 

‘So far, my experience with the company has been a pleasant one, with me learning more technically in the previous months than I could have anticipated on my own. The opportunity to work with the newest technologies available will clearly elevate my career. The people seem very welcoming and each day I gain a stronger sense of unity.’ - Alex Mihoc

It’s our mission to create opportunities that help growing developers jump on a fast track to a more polished set of skills. 




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