Build Cost-Effective MVPs using Serverless Technologies | The first Linnify’s Dev Meetup

Build Cost-Effective MVPs using Serverless Technologies | The first Linnify’s Dev Meetup

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Sergiu Popa

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Key Takeaways

We’re getting close to reaching 7 years of growth. 

Of full-on development. Teamwork. Vision. Challenges. You name it.

So we thought it was high time we started sharing the knowledge we’d gathered. Tips and tricks. Dos and Don’ts. 


Through a series of niched in-person events aiming to bring out the best out of bold ones who dare to join us in simplifying life through innovation. 

Did you miss our events? 

  1. These articles have your back. 
  2. We’ve created a community for you to join and keep yourself updated so that you won’t miss out on a growth opportunity with us. 

Starting off with some backend essentials - we’ll explore what really happened at ‘Build Cost-Effective MVPs Using Serverless Technologies’ Meetup.

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What makes a dev even stronger? A cool community.

Wednesday, July 12th, our HQ became the home of the first Dev Universe Meetup, 'Build Cost-Effective MVPs Using Serverless Technologies’. Event photos? 

All the shared knowledge and interaction between the participants boosted our desire to host more events like this. 

What about reflecting on this initial meeting and strengthening its importance to the tech community in Cluj? 

This is only the beginning of a series of Dev Universe meetups that will keep the mindset of this community fresh and innovative.

Join our new Meetup group: Dev Universe

This is the gate to stay up to date on future events or to connect with other developers in the Cluj tech community. 

Besides this, if there’s a place where you can bring up debate subjects regarding innovation or the newest tech updates - this. is. it.

Linnify Dev Meetup #001 in a nutshell

This Meetup brought together a full house of developers or future developers who shared an interest in MVPs and Serverless technologies. 

Following the meeting, participants had:

  • a better understanding of minimizing risks for start-ups, 
  • validating product concepts through MVPs, and 
  • using Serverless technology. 

In addition to the technical talk, our skilled developers Radu Molnar and Vlad Rusu upheld a technical demo, which was a practical representation of the theoretical foundation. 

The demo included a proposed infrastructure and a Virtual Machine, each with its own cost.  Until the end of the practical session, participants saw how to compute extra costs in order to demonstrate the benefits of deploying MVPs with serverless technology.

A Learning experience

Let’s take a look at what the first Linnify Dev Meetup is about.

Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) are an iterative development approach that allows start-ups to test their ideas with real users while minimizing risks. Basically, MVPs offer a solution for validating assumptions, before investing significant resources into product development.

Along with MVPs, the spotlight was on Serverless, a cloud computing approach in which cloud providers automatically scale resources and allow developers to focus on writing code. Some of the benefits of using Serverless technology include cost-effectiveness or on-demand use. 

We can say that MVPs and Serverless are a match made in heaven. 

The cost-effective approach perfectly aligns with the principles of MVP development. 

With serverless, MPVs can be swiftly deployed and scaled as needed, enabling teams to focus on core functionalities and user feedback in order to launch daring and successful digital products.

Serverless computing's on-demand nature supports the iterative MVP approach by allowing quick adjustments and improvements.  

Together, they make an excellent duo, empowering entrepreneurs to efficiently transform unique ideas into successful and bold products.

Meetup Keypoints 

What is important to keep in mind after this first Meetup regarding MVPs and serverless are the following prospects:

- Don’t throw resources at something you don’t know is validated by the market infrastructure.

- Start with a K.I.S.S.:

  • K - Keep
  • I - It
  • S - Super 
  • S - Simple 

But keep it expandable for future scalability.

- Serverless means an easier life, not an infrastructure-less one.

Participant’s inquiries

The meetup was undoubtedly insightful for all the participants, an opportunity to upskill their programming knowledge and to open new curiosities or to explore some new areas of interest. 

We went deeper into the event, with Radu and Vlad answering participants' questions regarding the transition from serverless to enterprise solutions, or how a serverless infrastructure can affect an expanded number of users. 

Participant’s thoughts

I found the ‘Build effective MVPs’ event super insightful for the amount of both theoretical concepts and practical demonstrations involved, as well as for the comparison between methods presented. Our hosts managed to capture really well the essence of Cloud technologies, which are really hyped these days. I am really interested to participate in more events like this! 

- Daiana A.

The ease and flow with which Vlad and Radu shared solid info on serverless matters was intellectually pleasurable to engage with. It's been an event that combined niche and (usually) more complicated tech aspects with an easy going atmosphere. Looking forward to upcoming events. The people there are really nice.

-Radu C.

Integrating serverless tech and MVPs presents a fascinating opportunity for startups and developers alike. By controlling the power of serverless computing, businesses can liberate themselves from the complexity of server management and instead focus on MVP development and testing.



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