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About Stailer & Stailer Partners
When the concept was born, the pandemic was affecting a lot of businesses, including the ones which were run by Stailer’s founder now. The young entrepreneur was inevitably forced to create new opportunities. As most things were switching to digital, the trend gained more and more popularity, thus, the founder seized this opportunity to develop a new business in the beauty industry. And that’s how Stailer came to life.
Through the platform, the clients get the opportunity to check the reviews of the beauty specialists to make an easily-documented decision. Given the reviews, you are aware of the standards of the salon even before you get to your appointment.
Stailer & Stailer Partners
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The app provides a complete palette of beauty services for all genders from over 1000 beauty salons and 5000 industry specialists. The users can compare services as they explore the salons and stylists as well as choose based on the location and availability. Through digitalizing the service, the appointment’s confirmation happens automatically avoiding the outdated back-and-forth for details. The reviews and ratings given by real users provide a sense of trust and security, the app bringing a lot of transparency into the beauty industry.
Stailer Partners is the Stailer app created for stylists. The app helps the beauty specialists grow in numbers: clients, appointments. The partner app helps the business maximize profits through attracting new clients, showcasing the team, and the work that’s been done up to this point, all gathered in one dedicated page for the business.
Stailer & Stailer Partners
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Naliciadji Vladislav
Chief Product Officer - Stailer
Linnify brought a lot of value into the project that went over the app development. They offered strategic advice that helped us align with our vision for the two Stailer apps created together. It felt they really cared about the project and that created a unique collaboration that eliminated any of our outsourcing reluctance. Linnify is a vital component of Stailer.
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