Allow your perspective to change | The ethereal journey
Allow your perspective to change | The ethereal journey
Former interns know best when it comes to initial thoughts and expectations. Allow yourself to learn how to let go of any fears and put yourself out there to try your best. Radu Molnar says that's the way to best build a solid foundation for anything you are doing: not only for the internship but in general with whatever it is that you want to better yourself with.
Radu Molnar
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Allow your perspective to change | The ethereal journey

Let me start off with the fact that 99% of the thoughts I had before starting the internship literally had met their positive opposite massively. 

Just as a brief overview of the initial mental state: I’ve been thinking my workplace would be boring or not suitable for who I am (quite a funny guy, depends on who you ask), that I wouldn’t get along with my colleagues or that conforming to the usual corporate culture would be a must.

Regardless, once the internship started, all those thoughts wrapped together in one big ‘Oh, man… I was so wrong’. 

Bear with me, as it’s been quite a ride given the initial thoughts. 

Why was I wrong?

I was an intern two years ago. I know, it’s been a while since, but not that much. We got the challenge to build an internal app we still use today. It’s definitely been formative. And by that, I mean not only the technology we used: Django & Google Cloud, but the whole experience of creating a product, the demos, the collaboration, the mentor-mentee buildup. 

My direct mentor has been Razvan Bretoiu, towards whom, even if now I see him as a colleague, I will forever have ‘mad respects’ for. Looking back, I remember I‘ve been highly appreciative about the massive load of knowledge he’s been sharing with us but also for his teaching style. 

Got to admit, his mentorship has the power to shift my perspective in tech. It’s funny how, now that I think about it, there are quite a lot of things I do every day influenced by him. 

“Spoon feeding, in the long run, teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon” —E.M. Forster

What I’m really grateful for is the fact that his guidance style also implied letting us figure things out on our own. And that, being done on purpose has been one of the best ways to learn to become independent. That didn’t cross out the teamwork at all, on the contrary.

It taught me to not be dependent on the mentor and get out of my comfort zone and go talk to the people who make it all happen. People who turned into friends. People who, if it wasn’t for Razvan’s style, probably would’ve taken much longer to break the ice with. 

Allowing yourself to try, fail, learn, build together makes a solid foundation for anything you want to do in life. Linnify is the best place to let go of these fears and start practicing to like change, to like new perspectives.

What’s the best way to summarize the internship experience?

In very short,

  1. Looking back now my journey from then to now is pretty unbelievable, I did so many things I never thought I would do in such a short while.  
  2. I learned more than I ever did in all my years in the school system but, in a fun and enjoyable way.
  3. If it wasn’t for this awesome environment I don’t know if I would have come to understand so many things in such a short while.

As I’ve been in your shoes, but I dare you now to put yourself in mine. 

If you take a moment to visualize the whole journey, I think you can imagine how nice it feels to now have the opportunity to offer what I was offered: to help people develop themself professionally and personally. To me, Linnify is the best place where one can do that. 

Any advice for future generations?

Don't be afraid to try even if it takes a long time, even if you don’t succeed.

Why? Because you will learn something from it that no one can take away from you.

Oh, and that 1% I left out: That was my hope that I’d find the environment that could nurture my authentic growth with people who saw things for what they were and have the courage to better everything around and within. Bold 1%. Bold enough to happen.

Step into this year’s internship story

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We will choose 6 people to embark on this odyssey with one big mission - to create a new digital world. The crew's skills will be assessed at every corner of this experience, but they won't be alone - their mentors will guide and assist them throughout the entire journey.

The trip to WTL-400 will last six weeks, starting from July 11th until August 19th.

For the first two weeks, while traveling to the newly discovered planet, the crew will undergo extensive training with their mentors’. The last four weeks will focus on choosing one of the tools available, under the guidance of their mentors with the mission to channel all acquired knowledge in bringing the digital to life. 

Interested in embarking on the ethereal journey? 

Make the first step. 

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