Embark on the ethereal journey | Internship 2022
Embark on the ethereal journey | Internship 2022
Planet Earth, 2035. We live in a world where humankind transcended into the digital realm and continues exploring the unknown by pushing the boundaries of innovation. Are you ready to succeed and bring WTL - 400 into the future?
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Embark on the ethereal journey | Internship 2022

Who are we? 

Linnify is the go-to strategic partner when it comes to transforming ideas within the Health, Wellbeing, and Education industries into successful and scalable products. 

We are driven to create exceptional experiences, products, and services that invite various niched audiences not only to witness but be part of the paradigm shift where technology is the main channel of development. 

Linnify invites people to feel inspired to create daring products that have the genuine intention to change the way people experience life. 

How do we make that happen?


What's the story of this year’s internship?

Planet Earth, 2035. We live in a world where humankind transcended into the digital realm and continues exploring the unknown by pushing the boundaries of innovation.

We are ready for the next big Linnifian challenge - 'The ethereal journey' - a mission to expand our advancements to infinity and beyond. The newly discovered planet, "WTL-400", has been selected for its favorable environment which enables faster digital connections. 

We will choose 6 people to embark on this odyssey with one big mission - to create a new digital world. The crew's skills will be assessed at every corner of this experience, but they won't be alone - their mentors will guide and assist them throughout the entire journey.

The accomplishment of this mission will represent another leap for our species and will be closely followed by Linnifians across the universe. Succeed and bring WTL-400 into the future - 'Hello, digital world!'

Embark on the Ethereal Journey

The trip to WTL-400 will last six weeks, starting from July 11th until August 19th.

For the first two weeks, while traveling to the newly discovered planet you will undergo extensive training with your mentors. 

The first week will be dedicated to learning general software development concepts, methodologies, and processes. You will also be introduced to the three technologies that we are going to use, and most importantly you will get to know your mentors and other Linnifians. You will be then assigned to one of the technologies. 

The second week will be dedicated to learning your dedicated technology, all while being supported at all times by your mentors.

In the last four weeks, you will focus on choosing one of the tools available, under the guidance of your mentors with the mission to channel all acquired knowledge in bringing the digital to life. The internship team will have the one-of-a-kind chance to work on a special project. You will have the opportunity to real products, according to our actual internal software development process. Besides the mentors, during these weeks you will have an assigned PM and a UI/UX team, daily meetings, and weekly planning. You will experience firsthand what it’s like to work at Linnify. 

Each of you will have to choose one of the tools available:

  • Mobile (React Native)
  • Backend (Python/Django)
  • Frontend (Angular)

The ethereal journey will be a full-time (8h/day) internship position, happening on-site at the Linnifians’ headquarters (Str. Macinului 34).

What's the recruitment process like?

You can apply for “The ethereal journey” internship until April 29th here: https://recruitment.linnify.com. You need to create an account first, and then you’re good to go. 

The exam process requires a series of steps: 

  • Multiple-choice questions test (1st phase). There will be 40 questions in this test, for which the time will vary (minimum of 30 seconds). For some questions, there can be more than one right answer. If you’ve passed the first phase, you will receive an email and you can continue with:

  • Open-ended questions test (2nd phase). There will be two open-ended questions in this test. The first one will take 30 minutes, and the next one will take 1h 30 minutes. Make sure you allocate enough time to solve them. If you’ve also passed this phase, you will receive an email in which you will be asked to choose a date&hour for:

  • Final interview (on-site interview). After this phase, we will take some time (but not too long, don’t worry, we know just how important it is to know you’re enrolled in an internship before summer comes. We’ve also been there) to analyze all the candidates and decide who the final six interns will be. No matter the answer, you will be contacted via email. 

Through your journey you will:

  • Have a mentor who will guide you through the process
  • Know what software development area & technology fits you best
  • Have a better understanding of how a production app is built from scratch
  • Have the opportunity to embark on a long-term innovation journey with Linnify 

What do you need to know about the recruitment process?

It is extremely important to pay close attention to this information:

1. To minimize the risk of difficulties during the recruitment process, we recommend using Google Chrome when you take the tests.

2. Keep in mind:

The first test (the multiple-choice test) will last a maximum of 30 minutes. 

The time to answer a question may vary between 30 and 60 seconds, depending on the question. If the time passes, no matter if you answer or not you will automatically go to the next question.

3. The second test (open-ended test) will last between 2 hours.

4. We have an in-built auto-save function that automatically backs up your answer. However, if you refresh or close your browser there are chances that some parts of your answer will be lost. To avoid this situation, we recommend booking two to three hours without interruption for resolving the test.

5. You don’t have the possibility to pause the test, therefore have in mind to allocate three hours without interruption.

What other recommendations to keep in mind?

1. Consider that the Internship program will be a full-time (8h/day) internship.

2. Because our internship is designed to give the full experience of being a Linnifian, we want you to consider the fact that the internship will take place at our headquarters at Str. Macinului nr. 34. 

Curious to see how the past internships went by?

Learn more about 2019’s Space Odyssey internship and 2020’s Digital Transcendence internship.

If you want to discover the personal side of the internship and find out about the special bonds that are formed here, read the stories of

  • Iulia Muresan - a story about authenticity and the importance of trusting your gut feeling.
  • Adina Oros - a story about embarking on an exciting career journey with the right people, finding creativity in your work environment, and sharing the same passion for everything tech-related.
  • Victor Padurean - a story about how a lone wolf adjusts to teamwork and the surprising feeling he has. 
  • Sebastian Neagrau - a story about what it’s like for someone like him to naturally commit to a place out of pure synchronization with the people, projects, and work environment.
  • Adrian Chereghi - a story about taking the first steps towards loving what you do while having a unique team that supports you no matter what.
  • Bianca Mateiu - a story about learning to value your powers no matter the circumstances.

All of the stories are different but the meaning is the same. Stay tuned for a special new series of past interns who built their careers at Linnify. 

You too want to have the right start in your career? This is your chance. Create an account and apply here, before April 29th, 2022. 

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