Get the Brand Minds takeaways from Linnify
Get the Brand Minds takeaways from Linnify
Part of Linnify team took part in the 2022 Brand Minds edition. Tune in to find out more about the speakers and the team's experience during the conference.
Linnify Team
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Get the Brand Minds takeaways from Linnify

One chilly morning, five Linnifians embarked on a plane to Bucharest to attend a one-of-a-kind conference.

Brand Minds.

As they well describe themselves:

‘Brand minds is the ultimate business experience.’

That’s true, indeed. 

The global thinkers business summit unites an incredible lineup of global thinkers together with the business community of leaders. 

Some of the speakers?

  • Dr. Gabor Maté (Respected Physician, Speaker & Bestselling Author) 
  • Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO of Vaynermedia, Investor & Entrepreneur)
  • Daniel Pink (Bestselling Author & Sales Expert)
  • Jonah Berger (Consumer Behavior Expert)
  • Whitney Johnson (Team Performance Expert)
  • Angela Oguntala (Futurist & Innovation Expert)
  • Jordan B. Peterson (World Famous Psychologist & Bestselling Author)

Linnify's participants? 

  • Alexandru Bogdan (Co-CEO),
  • Catalin Briciu (Co-CEO),
  • Raluca Gheorghes (Head of People and Culture),
  • Patricia Zavacky (Marketing Manager),
  • Teodora Istrati (Brand and Content Specialist). 

We were delighted to be there and felt the need to share with you all the inspirational information that we’ve accumulated. 

Find below our personal favorite speakers, the ones who amazed us the most, and the keynotes we’ve gathered. 

Gary Vee

Gary Vee was Alex’s favorite speaker. 

Main takeaways?

  1. He has highlighted (in a very easy-to-understand way) the places where you need to be present in order to reach your customers.
  2. Gary shared with us his thought process in making decisions regarding new technologies that are emerging (such as NFTs).

Alex has also been impressed by Dan Ariely as he: 

  • Presented extremely insightful behavioral economics experiments.
  • Offered a new way to analyze the processes and products developed considering the added friction or fuel in the interactions of each step.

After attending the first day of Brand Minds, Alex said that Angela Oguntala’s “What if?” question has been stuck in his mind.

‘What if the future we envision becomes reality? Are we ready for it?
And what if innovation picks another direction? How can we stay on top of it?’

It's a question we should constantly ask ourselves to stay up to date with the exponential innovation that's going on at the moment, Alex thinks.

Daniel Pink

For Catalin, the business summit helped him learn more and better understand the perspective of some of his favorite authors.

One of the speakers that stood out for him was Daniel Pink who:

  1. Had a well-structured and clear message.
  2. Was energetic and charismatic.

The main takeaway was: 

‘The fact that the best way to sell is to be yourself. Nothing beats vibrant authenticity in a noisy world.’

For Teodora, Daniel Pink struck a chord with his clarity within thought and speech. His structure could unlock the efficient mindset not only regarding sales but life and thought organization in general. 

Gabor Maté

Raluca found the conference to be constructive and was glad to have the chance to be in the presence of speakers that bring so much value to the world. 

She was extremely excited to meet Gabor Mate, having read most of his books.

Main takeaways for her? In his speech, Dr. Gabor mentioned that:

‘Our interpretation of what happens to us is the source of stress, not the situation itself.’ 

His approach to seeking validation at the workplace was also something of real interest. You have to dig deeeep to see these things.

Jonah Berger

Patri thought the Brand Minds experience was a very inspiring one. The speakers were one-of-a-kind. 

The entire vibe gave the conference an amazing vibe that made you think that with the right mindset and drive, anything can be possible. 

Jonah Berger’s marketing masterclass was one of the highlights for her. 

The highlight? Or even better said a confirmation:

‘People do not like to change. Much of anything. We have to recognize this reality.’

One last thing worth sharing is this amazing campaign that Jonah gives as an example for highlighting a gap or disconnect between consumers’ attitudes and actual behavior. See it here:

Whitney Johnson 

For Teo, the conference felt inspiring and igniting to see all the other 6k participants joining the event as a community-driven to make a change. A smart change that’s daring to open up to new horizons. 

Whitney Johnson has had a very inspiring talk about building a strong team and talent retention in a larger sense, yet with a unique approach. 

‘To transform your company you need to transform yourself’

She talked about growth and how to deal with it at the ‘Launch point’, how to accept the thrill intertwined with the discouragement of the slow pace at that moment. A moment when you are not where you’ve been, and not yet where you want to be. 

Whitney Johnson’s perspective on giving feedback was like a breath of fresh air. 

Usually regarded as rather uncomfortable, feedback has now met a complete perspective shift.

What truly sends across is not limited to ‘how or what one can do better’, but it’s more about seeing through the lines. It means:

‘I’m invested in you and I’m willing to be a little bit uncomfortable to help you get better’

Brand Minds is definitely a unique experience that is worth attending. We cannot wait for next year’s edition. 

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