Your idea will most likely fail | Avoid that - Download the Product Development whitepaper for free
Your idea will most likely fail
Entrepreneurs, it's time you turned your product that you love into the product they love. Who are they? Your users. The ones that make your product real by implementing it into their daily lifestyle. If it's only you who's in love with the idea, it is most likely it will fail. See what you need to do in order to transform the idea into a successful business.
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Your idea will most likely fail

But you don’t want it to fail. Isn’t it? 

You’d rather see yourself as a successful entrepreneur with a prosperous business, right? To make it so big that people would ask you ‘How did you manage to reach such success so fast?’, ‘What’s your secret?’.

Who wouldn't? But how do I get there, ‘tho?

Okay, so you’ve just got a great idea that can turn into a product, a service - a business. The first thing is checked off the list. 

Now what?

Remember: Your product - however great - will encounter a long series of challenges. 

And you will need to solve them one by one in order to embody the traits of a successful entrepreneur. 

How to stand out from the crowd

Be one of the few who start off by asking themselves:

  • What's the problem that I’m solving?
  • For whom? Who's the target audience
  • What's the value that my product or services will bring to them?
  • What really differentiates my product?
  • What and how close to reality are my hypotheses about this business model?

Congratulations. You’ve just made your second step into validating your idea. 

Thanks but wait, what type of validation are you talking about?

That long series of questions is the first thing you have to do before jumping into product development. 

And that is the start of the essential product idea validation. Does your idea respond to the pain point of your audience? If not - who are you building this product for?

What if the responses to these questions invalidate my idea? 

Pretty scary? 

We know the feeling. 

Well, if they invalidate your idea, celebrate. 

What? Why would I celebrate my idea getting invalidated?

Well, you’ve just saved yourself a big load of time, money, and effort spent on something that was doomed to fail. 

The good news? In the process of validation, you find out so many aspects of your own product that you’d be amazed. Make the best use of these user insights. 

Transform the product you love into the product they love.

The core is yours to keep, but the products we create are rarely ours - they belong to the users. The people who make a decision to integrate your idea into their lives. Every day.

Brace yourself - but know you’re not alone 

This is the era where we create support for innovative, purposeful, and daring businesses to make it through these challenges, regardless of how difficult it might seem at first. 

Why are we bringing this forward to you? 

We asked ourselves those questions so many times. We’ve googled it, talked to experts, tried and failed, then we tried and succeeded. This whole process made us realize that this matter of idea validation is quite out of reach for growing entrepreneurs. 

This is why we put together a whitepaper to act as the essential guide for rising entrepreneurs who want to futureproof their ideas and investments when it comes to building products in a world where 70% of startup tech companies fail after around 20 months after their first financing round. (Source)

No, let us state that again:

70% of startup tech companies fail after around 20 months after their first financing round.

You deserve to be asked ‘How did you manage to reach such success so fast?’, ‘What’s your secret?’. So go ahead and download now to be part of the 30% that make it through the first period of startup challenges.

What’s the whitepaper about? 

It focuses on market-responsive product strategies to make sure your idea isn’t only great - it’s also in great use.

You will get a better understanding of how to:

  1. Validate your idea,
  2. Select the right partners,
  3. Decide on the essential steps for your product.

Got an idea and want even more than this article provides?

Linnify is more than just a software company. We are your partners. That means we are committed to your success every step of the way. And we do that through a validation-driven development process. 

Get closer to success. Make the first step - request a call via email by letting us know what you need to get your product on the market.
We’re here to change the way people experience life. Your ‘future you’ will be proud of your ‘present you’s decisions.

Cătălin Briciu and Andreea Ghic have joined their forces to create a product-focused white paper that helps rising entrepreneurs who are developing successful ideas. They share their expertise on the whole spectrum of product failure. This whitepaper comes together to provide you with a set of must-knows before launching your next product.

Consider it your essential guide to making the right decisions for your product's success. Got an idea? Great. Find out if people really need it. Download the free product whitepaper
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