6/13: The Validation-Driven Startup Event | 'Experiment your Way to Market Success'

6/13: The Validation-Driven Startup Event | 'Experiment your Way to Market Success'

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Jun 13




2:00 pm



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WeWork Barton Springs

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Key Takeaways

Introducing ‘The Validation-Driven Startup: Experiment Your Way to Market Success’ - an immersive workshop designed to empower entrepreneurs, ignite innovation, and provide the tools and insights needed to build a successful startup from the ground up. 

  1. Market validation for investing in early-stage startups’ by Brad Bentz, Partner at ATX Venture Partners

We kick off the event with an engaging fireside chat featuring the esteemed Brad Bentz, a seasoned investor renowned for his expertise in market validation for early-stage startups. 

With years of experience, Brad will unravel the mysteries of market validation and share valuable insights on how to attract investors and secure funding for your startup. 

From identifying your target market to validating your product-market fit, this talk will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to make informed decisions and propel your startup towards success.

  1. ‘Creating unique value in the market’ Workshop by Catalin Briciu, CEO at Linnify

Catalin, a visionary strategist, will introduce participants to the transformative concept of ‘Blue Ocean Analysis’ and guide you through the process of uncovering untapped market opportunities. 

Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, Catalin will help you craft a compelling unique value proposition that sets your startup apart from the competition.

  1. ‘The path to your first ‘anchor’ or ‘lighthouse’ customers’ by David Valentino, Managing Director at Austin Venture Association

As the event draws to a close, we have the honor of hosting David, an industry veteran known for his expertise in securing customers.

In his captivating talk, "The Path to Your First 'Anchor' or 'Lighthouse' Customers," David will share his wealth of knowledge and provide practical guidance on how to identify, approach, and win over those crucial first customers who can drive growth and credibility for your startup. 

Learn from his real-life experiences and gain invaluable insights into customer acquisition strategies that have proven successful in the Austin business ecosystem.

But the event doesn't end there. We believe in the power of networking and fostering meaningful connections. 

That's why we invite you to join us for a post-event gathering where you can unwind, exchange ideas, and build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, speakers, and industry professionals. 

Enjoy the camaraderie over cold beer and delicious pizza, as you discuss the strategies and inspiration gained throughout the day. This is your chance to expand your network, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and form partnerships that could shape the future of your startup.

‘The Validation-Driven Startup: Experiment Your Way to Market Success’ is not your ordinary event. It's an immersive experience that empowers you to take control of your startup journey, embrace experimentation, and leverage market validation to drive your success. 

Be prepared to challenge the status quo, step outside your comfort zone, and embrace the transformative power of innovation.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry experts, gain practical skills, and join a community of passionate entrepreneurs who are redefining the startup landscape in Austin. 

Secure your spot today and get ready to embark on a journey of growth, discovery, and unprecedented success.



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Cătălin Briciu

Cătălin Briciu


Cătălin Briciu is one of the Co-Founders and Co-CEO of Linnify, and other multiple startups with the purpose of making life better and simpler. With a background in Law and Economics and an interest in Business and Technology, he is the binding element between Linnify and the market, clients, and partners.

Cătălin is constantly on a mission to help others bring value to the world in their unique manner. He is a strong believer in people’s ability to reach their full potential only provided that their authentic creativity has space to evolve and transform into something bigger and better.

David Valentino

David Valentino

Managing Director at Austin Venture Association

With over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, David Valentino is a highly experienced business executive. He has a successful track record of supporting the growth of early and later-stage startups and is passionate about delivering business value to these companies, having gone through successful IPOs with some of them.

As the Managing Director of the Austin Venture Association, Valentino is dedicated to helping tech startups achieve consistent scalability and take the right steps toward growth. He deeply understands the industry and has implemented revenue systems and teams that have generated hundreds of millions in SMB and Enterprise software products and services revenue.

In late 2021, the Austin Venture Association shifted its focus to activities and services supporting the Austin Venture Community. This change has further cemented Valentino's commitment to supporting the growth and success of startups in the region and his dedication to helping startups achieve their full potential.

Brad Bentz

Brad Bentz

Partner at ATX Venture Partners

With a diverse career that spans across field archaeology, software development, and venture capital, Brad Bentz embodies adaptability and the ability to do more with less. Brad is currently a vital part of the investment team at ATX Venture Partners, where his broad spectrum of experience in different fields plays a pivotal role in identifying promising opportunities and making strategic investment decisions.

Graduating with honors from UC Berkeley, Brad spent a decade working as a field archaeologist on research projects in places as diverse as Pakistan, Syria, Bulgaria, and the U.S. This was followed by a successful transition into the tech industry where he made his mark as a software developer and team lead.

His multidimensional background, encompassing academia, IT, and finance, has honed his ability to evaluate startups from a unique perspective. Brad will be sharing his diverse experience and providing insights into his adaptability and the 'do more with less' mindset. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from his rich experience across multiple domains and understand how to incorporate these learnings into their own entrepreneurial journey. This is a chance to grasp the holistic perspective Brad brings to the table, essential for any startup seeking to navigate the challenging path to success.


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