A TechVow to Latest Trends in React Native | TechVision Unleashed - Mobile

A TechVow to Latest Trends in React Native | TechVision Unleashed - Mobile

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Robert Munceanu

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Key Takeaways

Welcome to TechVision Unleashed. A series of articles that aim to act as a guide for entrepreneurs and developers dedicated to building successful startups in the current and future ever-changing environments.

With 70% of startup tech companies fail after around 20 months after their first financing round, the importance to understand the details of Mobile, Frontend, Backend, Quality Assurance, and Product Management is high. 

Today’s focus point is Mobile

Step into a Mobile Developers’ mind as he showcases the key takeaways from the biggest React Native Conference.

Become aware of today’s mobile trends to prep your idea for success.

Take it away, Rob.

You may want to do everything, but there’s one thing you cannot miss

An Important Resource: Time

One of the most valuable and important assets when it comes to developing a project. 

With React Native, we managed to halve the development time, because it is a cross-platform framework. 

Write your code in JavaScript, and you’ll have it up and running on both Android and iOS. But…

Can we squeeze the development time even further? 

If you are eager to find out how, by all means, continue reading ;)

How to Double the Development Time you have on Your Hands

React Native has your back

React Native is a popular framework for building mobile applications that combine the power of React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, with native mobile components. 

It allows developers to write code once and deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms, saving time and effort. Its community is vast and always helpful, which is why a lot of developers enjoy working with React Native, in addition to its fast building process.

Meet and Greet The Future of React Native

And of Mobile Development as a whole

Make some noise for React Native Expo.

With Expo, developers can quickly start building mobile applications without complex setup or configuration. 

Expo abstracts away the native build process and provides a unified development environment, eliminating the need for separate development setups for iOS and Android.

This allows developers to focus on building the app logic and user interface rather than worrying about the intricacies of native development. Also, using the Expo Application Services, EAS, for short, one can easily compile and sign both Android and iOS apps in the cloud, where the distribution process is done by simply scanning a QR code.

Our Top 3 React Native 

Thus, a group of Linnify’s mobile devs teamed up to go to App.js, the biggest React Native conference. (We do make a priority out of our learning, yes.)


To broaden our horizons, discover new technologies and gather knowledge from other devs all around the globe.

Well-known personalities from Expo (of course), Shopify, Meta, BeatGig, and Microsoft, talked about what they’ve achieved this year with React Native, what features are in the making, how to build a 5-star app, how debugging should be done, and many more interesting topics.

All the presentations and speakers were amazing, but

here are the main things which caught the eyes of our Linnifian delegation:

Expo Router v2

With Expo Router, one can handle the navigation for native apps in a different manner. The routing concepts of the web are transposed on mobile devices. Every file path becomes a route in the mobile navigation, which makes your project a lot easier to build, maintain, and scale.

Another great feature is that every screen of your app is deep linkable. This means that every part of your app is sharable.


Inspired by Lighthouse, Flashlight is a new way of measuring a mobile app’s performance.

One can upload the app together with the end-to-end tests and he will receive the results in no time.

React Native Skia

Used in numerous apps, React Native Skia helps developers paint their ideas without sabotaging their app’s performance. Together with React Native Reanimated and Skia, one can create delightful and smooth animations, giving the users an incredible experience when using the app.

Happily, all of the above-mentioned tools can be used with Expo.

Why is Expo the OG

React Native Expo offers a powerful framework for building cross-platform mobile applications with speed and efficiency. It has a strong and supportive community of developers who share knowledge and resources. You can find documentation, tutorials, and examples to help you learn and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter during the development process.

Additionally, Expo offers access to various features of mobile devices, such as the camera, GPS location, and push notifications. You can use these features in your app without needing to delve into the complexities of native app development. Expo takes care of the technical details for you, making it easier to incorporate these functionalities into your app.

When you're developing your app with Expo, you can see the changes you make to the code instantly on your device. This is called hot reloading. It allows you to quickly experiment with different designs and features, making the development process faster and more interactive.

Once your app is ready, Expo provides a simple way to share it with others for testing or feedback. You can easily create a link that others can open on their devices to try out your app. This makes it convenient to gather feedback and make improvements.

With Expo, you can focus on creating your app and reaching your audience without getting caught up in the complexities of native development.

As I found it at Linnify's Cluj-Napoca HQ, 2023

Can you tell that we are very excited about Expo and what it has to offer? 

Wrapping up with a Promise

Determined to always build successful and scalable digital products in the Health, Sustainability, Education, and Well-being industries, we know that Expo is the way to go from now on.

It's a vow to honour our next mission to create the following product using all the cool tools Expo has to offer.

And of course, to share our experience with you, in the following articles on #MobileDevelopment.

Stay tuned.

Rob out.


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Robert Munceanu

At the core of Robert's skillset lies his expertise in React Native, meticulously cultivated through countless hours of hands-on experimentation and collaborative problem-solving. He possesses a remarkable ability to thrive in a dynamic working environment, fueled by the passion for mobile development.

His resilience and open-mindedness have allowed him to thrive in an industry that constantly evolves and demands staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. This flexibility and willingness to learn have been instrumental in his rapid progress and achievements.

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