Corporate Innovators, pick up. This is your call to action to become experimentation partners
Corporate Innovation

Corporate Innovators, pick up. This is your call to action to become experimentation partners

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Teodora Istrati

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Key Takeaways

In a world where innovation is often the dividing line between success and obsolescence, corporations invest heavily to stay ahead. Yet, startlingly, only a fraction of these investments yield tangible returns. 

This conundrum poses a critical question: how can your organization not only survive but thrive in this relentless pace of change? 

Enter our newest-established service: Corporate Innovation, and with it an open call for partnerships—a beacon for CIOs, innovation managers, corporate strategists, and leaders seeking to push innovation forward. 

In the sectors of Health, Education, and Energy, and across horizontals like the Future of Work, AI integrations, and Sustainability, innovation is not just a buzzword but a necessity. It's about harnessing technology, evolving processes, and reimagining business models to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. 

The imperative for corporations is clear: innovate or risk irrelevance.

Dauntingly, only 1 in 20 corporate innovations succeed. 

This stark reality begs the question:

How can your corporation not just navigate but thrive amidst disruption? 

With vast resources poured into innovation, achieving a Return on Innovation Investment (ROII) becomes paramount. Yet, the journey to impactful innovation is fraught with complexities and high stakes, especially given the pressure to maintain brand integrity.

In the quest for enduring innovation success, the most viable path isn't found in the usual avenues of mergers and acquisitions but rather in the fertile grounds of organic growth. 

This approach, termed ‘innovation organic growth’, leverages what could be seen as the colossal yet untapped assets of large corporations: 

  • their budgetary might, 
  • the brilliance of their talent pool, 
  • advanced technological capabilities, and 
  • a treasure trove of data. 

This data, both:

  • transactional, laying a solid groundwork for AI learning algorithms, and 
  • demographic, providing unparalleled access to vast customer bases, 

form the backbone of a company's 'unfair advantage.', to cite Frank Mattes. 

But how can corporations effectively harness this advantage? 

The answer lies in nurturing internal innovation right from the ground up. 

Typically spearheaded by Digital Innovation Units, the journey of internal innovation is fraught with challenges. A report by PwC sheds light on a stark reality: 

a mere 10% of these units manage to translate their innovative ideas into market-fit products, let alone sustain them in the competitive market arena.

One critical oversight in corporate innovation efforts is efficient testing of the level of market validation. 

True innovation success is not just about generating new ideas but ensuring these ideas are valued by the market, align with the core business, and ultimately, deliver tangible ROII. 

This delicate balance requires navigating corporate frameworks and biases that can sometimes hinder innovation's true goal: capturing value.

The thing is, we know that is not an easy task. But the good news is that this multi-faceted innovation approach invites collaborations that find the balance between:

  • ‘Nice to haves’ and ‘Worth scaling up’
  • Exploit and Explore
  • Core and Transform

This is why we launched the:


We are actively seeking partnerships with organizations ready to embrace this innovative approach of Market Validation.

Our open call is not just an invitation to collaborate but a challenge to join us at the forefront of corporate innovation. 

This partnership aims to nurture your organization's innovation capabilities, supported by our expertise, methodologies, and commitment to shared success.

Leveraging a proprietary three-step framework, we've crafted a methodology rooted in our proprietary knowledge ‘The Validation Playbook’ that merges the strategic depth of large enterprises with the agile, experimental approach of startups. 

This framework, detailed on our website, is designed to foster technology innovation, process improvement, and business model evolution, with a particular emphasis on AI integrations and digital transformation strategies.

Download the blueprint to get a better idea of the steps. Or simply, reach out and we’ll set a meeting to discuss more.

What does an Experimentation Partnership look like for you?

→ What will you receive:

  1. In-depth R&D process carried out by Linnify on your vertical and company-specific innovation challenges
  2. A tailored actionable process to drive innovation internally
  3. Direct connection with emerging startups already trying to solve the challenges you’re facing
  4. Increased innovation competitiveness and brand reputation as a validation & innovation-driven enterprise

→ What will we need to make that happen:

Time allocation from your  internal innovation-drivers for

  1. discovery interviews to identify the vertical-specific challenges and blockers
  2. co-design sessions for your tailored validation process

Get in touch with us and we’ll set a 30’ meeting with Catalin Briciu, our Co-CEO and Innovation Strategist, to explore how can we help push innovation forward in your company.


corporate innovation


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Teodora Istrati

Teodora Istrati is a talented and profound marketer with a remarkable passion for storytelling. She has established herself as an invaluable asset in Linnify's content creation and editorial support.

Over the past two years alone, she has contributed significantly to more than 40 articles, covering a diverse range of topics including product development, the future of work, idea validation, design, and captivating interviews that explored and showcased the experiences of individuals within organizations. Her approach to content creation is nothing short of soulful, as she strives to connect with the core of an author's ideas and deliver them to the audience in a profound and engaging manner.

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