Future of Work: Understanding the Importance of Well-being and Teamwork
Future Of Work

Future of Work: Understanding the Importance of Well-being and Teamwork

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Key Takeaways

Exploring well-being and strengthening bonds

Linnify's 2023 Nature Oasis Odyssey team building

In the heart of 2023, our team embarked on a journey that took us to a wondrous place, we thoroughly enjoyed. Linnify's team building event, fondly named the ‘Nature Oasis Odyssey’ was a resounding success as it delved into the theme of well-being, fostering togetherness among our team. 45 out of 50 eager Linnifians gathered to enjoy a one-of-a-kind event against the tranquil backdrop of Tarnita Paradise Resort.

Refreshing in nature's embrace

The Nature Oasis Odyssey was designed to accomplish two key goals: to strengthen the team's unity and to discover effective methods of retreat and renewal in order to identify authentic ways for each Linnifian to create unique value in the world.

Leaving behind the usual routines, in order to discover the beauty of the outdoors, participants were welcomed to a natural paradise. It provided a refreshing escape from the everyday habits. The unbroken silence and rippling water were our constant companions, setting the tone for the ultimate well-being adventure.

Tarnita Paradise Resort, the chosen place for Linnify's Nature Oasis Odyssey, offered a range of comfortable facilities that perfectly complemented the well-being theme of the event. Even with the peaceful surroundings and nice amenities, the true charm of the Nature Oasis Odyssey rested in the bond formed by the Linnifians.

The event provided an opportunity for our team to experience each other's strengths, vision, and common determination, whether it was the laughter during wellness bingo, the intense competitiveness of the scavenger hunt, or the collaboration during the Olympics. The fun pontoon rides and nights spent together around the bonfire turned Linnifians into friends, and friends into an even closer connection we proudly call Linnify Team.

The reasoning behind creating a unique experience 

To ensure Linnifians have an outstanding time, we have carefully decided the theme and aims of the event and created some activities that fit them. Have a look on what Linnifians felt about 'Nature Oasis Odyssey'.

Feel free to replicate these welcomed activities. We want you to establish some expectations about the general pulse of your organisation. Listen to what your employees want to achieve and go above and beyond to provide them with an amazing experience. 

1. Wellness bingo and the joy of discovery

The event kicked off with a game of ‘Wellness Bingo’ designed not only to infuse a sense of fun but also to introduce the participants to various well-being practices. From 'strike a yoga pose' to 'stretch before bed' the bingo cards encouraged team members to explore diverse aspects of welfare. 

This not only added a competitive edge but also instilled a sense of curiosity in the participant’s energy to seek out new ways to enhance their mental and physical health.

2. Scavenger Hunt - solving nature's secrets together

One of the highlights of the Nature Oasis Odyssey was the captivating scavenger hunt. Guided by the theme ‘Discover New Natural Forms’ Linnifians set off on a route to explore the surroundings, uncovering hidden marvels of nature, while bonding under the pressure of winning each round of the game. The envelopes were always filled with surprising challenges from interactive team quests to entertaining sketches. 

This playful activity not only brought out our inner explorers but also underscored the importance of keen observation, teamwork, and adaptability.

3. Validation process and innovative mindset across our team 

On the second day of our team building participants were invited to a training session held by our Co-CEOs Alex and Catalin, centered around the ‘Validation Process’ a fundamental aspect of Linnify's culture. 

This dual-purpose approach ensured that team building wasn't just about bonding but also about enhancing skillsets and ensuring a better understanding of Linnify’s strategic direction.

4. Linnifian Olympics 

The spirit of friendly competition reached its apogee with the ‘Linnifian Olympics’ a mixture of physical challenges that pushed teams to work in harmony to achieve victory. 

These engaging activities were not only about winning but also about learning to collaborate and succeed in creating a mix of each other's strengths to solidify the power of trust in our team. 

5. Pontoon rides and fireside bonding

As the sun began to dip below the horizon, the Nature Oasis Odyssey continued to twist its magic. Participants were delighted with a restful pontoon ride across the gleaming lake, providing us with a serene escape and an opportunity to reflect. 

To complete the panoramic drawing our hosts arranged a heartwarming bonfire session for our arrival from the silent lake.

Reframing our experience together

Linnify's Nature Oasis Odyssey was more than just a team building event. It was a transformative experience that left an impact on each of us. By exploring well-being and nature, Linnify demonstrated its commitment to nurturing not just the minds but also the hearts of our Linnifians. 

Through engaging activities that ranged from physical challenges to soul-soothing pontoon rides, Linnify created an environment where unity, relaxation, and personal growth intertwined perfectly.

How did the Linnifians see the event? Some of our colleagues were more than willing to offer their thoughts: 

The year is 2023, and I’m about to jump in a lake I’ve been wanting to swim in for the past 3 years. As I submerge into the cold water, I feel nothing but happiness and that’s what I felt throughout the Team Building experience. It was such a great way to bond with my fellow Linnifians, to get to know everyone and to create memories that will last a lifetime. From morning workouts to great contests, organised by amazing people, and late night parties, everything was about everyone. I feel more connected to my team now, and if I thought before that no mountain is too big, I can say confidently that the sky’s the limit now . Go Linnify! - Alex Jina, QA Engineer
For starters, I was a bit skeptical about the team-building activity seeing that I didn’t know all of the people taking part in it. However, after the first hour there, I’d already talked to many of my colleagues and realized that my fears were unfounded. I talked to a lot of cool people and bonded with them really quickly. Thus, this experience helped me integrate into the Linnify family. My expectations were exceeded, and I love that we could talk openly about everything. The parties were amazing, and every minute of the time spent at the retreat was relaxing, fun, and engaging. Out of all the activities we had, I think I enjoyed the ride on the pontoon the most. - Serban Gherman, Mobil Intern
Linnify's teambuilding event was a showcase of the company's tight-knit community. The event seamlessly blended friendship, skill-building, and a lot of fun. Through collaborative activities, we deepened our bonds and discovered new perspectives of each other's personalities. The event's perfect balance between work and play encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace creative thinking. This experience underscored Linnify's dedication to unity and collective growth. - Bianca Mateiu, Web Developer

As the last embers of the bonfire flickered and the event drew to a close, we returned to our professional roles with renewed vigor, strengthened bonds, and an abundance of wellness practices to incorporate into our lives. The Nature Oasis Odyssey wasn't just a fleeting moment; it was a reminder that in the pursuit of innovation, success, and growth, the well-being and unity of a team are significant components.


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