How to prototype a whole concept in only five days - Part I | Design Sprint Series

How to prototype a whole concept in only five days - Part I | Design Sprint Series

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Teodora Istrati

Teodora Istrati



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Key Takeaways

Did somebody say ‘sprint’? 

Don’t know about you but when we hear the word ‘sprint’, our intellectual thirst sprints on its own to figure out the best way to get to the desired goal. It’s probably because we are agile but this particular sprint has been something else. 

Why is that?

We embarked on a unique design sprint with Pilar Piana, the winner of the giveaway we hosted earlier this year.   

Originally from Ecuador, Pilar hopped on the plane from Madrid and came to Cluj-Napoca with an open mind and a lot of bold ideas about creating her sustainability-oriented product that puts action on top of anything else. We were really excited about building together on her idea. 

Her background in the field, her understanding of the subject, and her pure drive to create something that puts the action at its core made this design sprint truly special. 

Who is Pilar Piana and what is her vision

There’s a lot to say about Pilar as she has done plenty up to this point and will surely do so much more. 

Don’t take my word for it. Take hers. This is what she first said when we asked her to tell us something about herself.

‘Innovation is my favorite tool to constantly explore & ideate new ways of expression and communication to bring people into reflection, wonder, and action.’

These are the words of a bold innovator who really wants to ignite some relevant action in this world. And moving from words to action, she created and produced more than six thousand minutes of documentary video content, bringing visibility to more than 600 sustainable actors, challenges, and entrepreneurs. Pilar is the creator and Executive Producer of five seasons of a documentary series, awarded as the best show on Climate Change (by ATEI, 2010).

Pilar’s mission is to embrace change, chaos, and adaptation, and seize the day to its fullest. And that aligns perfectly with her vision to awake and help others awake to bring the necessary change and action in society to achieve a state of well-being.

‘emu’? What about the ‘emu’?

‘With ‘emu’ I expect to disrupt the media ecosystem and ‘the talk’ about sustainability.’

The vision with ’emu’ is to be able to adapt faster within local ecosystems in order to effectively tackle the emerging sustainability challenges of the world.

The mission is to bring underrepresented voices and sustainable local issues to the daily conversation and the government's agenda, through user-generated content.

Why have we embarked on such an intense challenge?

The young spirit here at Linnify gets fueled by challenges and bold, yet calculated risk-taking. We like doing things as completely and smartly as possible. This implies combining the resources we have as a team. 

And Pilar’s idea within this design sprint framework has been the best way to put all our creative mindsets to work.

It’s really never just about one singular aspect - it’s a whole spectrum needed to be understood to be able to create products that dare to change the way people experience life.  

Get into the bold creator’s mindset

This week truly puts into the spotlight how we implement our vision. We follow a unique validation-driven approach to product development, together with a principle-based implementation tailored for scale and adaptability. This is the foundation of everything we do. This has been the ground on which we have helped Pilar gain clarity on her vision of igniting effective sustainability action by building awareness of local ecosystems. 

We follow a unique validation-driven approach to product development and a principle-based implementation tailored for scale and adaptability.

Get ready for jumping into the first day of the sprint - the mapping moment.

This is a series of articles that will disclose how the whole process went with Pilar Piana, the winner of our Validation Sprint giveaway.

Follow Pilar on LinkedIn | Subscribe to her Youtube channel | Discover more about emu

Check the reels from this Design Sprint

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Teodora Istrati

Teodora Istrati is a talented and profound marketer with a remarkable passion for storytelling. She has established herself as an invaluable asset in Linnify's content creation and editorial support.

Over the past two years alone, she has contributed significantly to more than 40 articles, covering a diverse range of topics including product development, the future of work, idea validation, design, and captivating interviews that explored and showcased the experiences of individuals within organizations. Her approach to content creation is nothing short of soulful, as she strives to connect with the core of an author's ideas and deliver them to the audience in a profound and engaging manner.

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