6/13: The Validation-Driven Enterprise Austin Event | 'Strategize like a Corporate Experiment like a Startup'

6/13: The Validation-Driven Enterprise Austin Event | 'Strategize like a Corporate Experiment like a Startup'

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Jun 13




9:00 am



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WeWork Barton Springs

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Key Takeaways

Welcome to 'The Validation-Driven Enterprise: Strategize like a Corporate, Experiment like a Startup', the must-attend event for forward-thinking business professionals in the Austin area.

Event Agenda

🔥 Fireside Chat: 'Driving Innovation in Corporations' with Jorge de Cardenas, CTO at American Campus Communities

Our event will kick off with an inspiring fireside chat led by the renowned innovation expert, Jorge de Cardenas. Drawing on his vast experience, Jorge will delve into the world of driving innovation in corporations. He will share insights, strategies, and practical tips that will empower you to ignite the innovation spark within your organization. Get ready to dive deep into the mind of an industry pioneer!

💡 Workshop: "Discover New Problems to Solve, Markets to Conquer, and Values to Create" by Catalin Briciu, CEO at Linnify

Following the fireside chat, we present an immersive workshop led by the exceptional Catalin B. As an expert in innovation and market analysis, Catalin will guide participants through a hands-on experience on discovering new problems to solve, markets to conquer, and values to create. One of the highlights of the workshop will be the practical application of 'Blue Ocean Analysis', a powerful tool that will transform the way you approach market strategy. Prepare to uncover untapped opportunities and leave with a clear roadmap for success!

🤝 Networking Lunch: Connect with Like-minded Professionals facilitated by David Valentino, Managing Director at Austin Venture Association

To wrap up this transformative event, we have a special treat for you. David, our expert facilitator, will guide a networking session during a delightful light lunch. Take this opportunity to connect with other business professionals, share insights, and foster valuable relationships. Engage in stimulating conversations, exchange ideas, and leave with a network of like-minded individuals who can support your growth journey.

What can you expect to leave with after this event

  1. Feel a connection to the culture of innovation in your local ecosystem.
  2. Discover new ways to approach problems, markets, and values through practical tools that allow you to experiment conscious of risks.
  3. Expand your network and tap into collaborative opportunities within the Austin business ecosystem.

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Austin Event; Validation Driven Mindset


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Cătălin Briciu

Cătălin Briciu


Cătălin Briciu is one of the Co-Founders and Co-CEO of Linnify, and other multiple startups with the purpose of making life better and simpler. With a background in Law and Economics and an interest in Business and Technology, he is the binding element between Linnify and the market, clients, and partners.

Cătălin is constantly on a mission to help others bring value to the world in their unique manner. He is a strong believer in people’s ability to reach their full potential only provided that their authentic creativity has space to evolve and transform into something bigger and better.

David Valentino

David Valentino

Managing Director at Austin Venture Association

With over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, David Valentino is a highly experienced business executive. He has a successful track record of supporting the growth of early and later-stage startups and is passionate about delivering business value to these companies, having gone through successful IPOs with some of them.

As the Managing Director of the Austin Venture Association, Valentino is dedicated to helping tech startups achieve consistent scalability and take the right steps toward growth. He deeply understands the industry and has implemented revenue systems and teams that have generated hundreds of millions in SMB and Enterprise software products and services revenue.

In late 2021, the Austin Venture Association shifted its focus to activities and services supporting the Austin Venture Community. This change has further cemented Valentino's commitment to supporting the growth and success of startups in the region and his dedication to helping startups achieve their full potential.

Jorge de Cardenas

Jorge de Cardenas

Executive VP & CTO at American Campus Communities

Jorge de Cardenas is a seasoned technology executive with a demonstrated history of driving innovation and growth in a variety of sectors. As the Executive Vice President and CTO of American Campus Communities (ACC) since 2004, he has been instrumental in developing a new technology platform tailored for scalable growth within the unique leasing life cycle of the student-housing market.

Prior to joining ACC, Jorge had already distinguished himself in the tech space, beginning his career developing software for NASA at Lockheed Engineering and Science. He co-founded and served as a principal consultant of Everest Technologies, Inc., an Oil & Gas IT consulting firm that was later sold to SAIC, Inc. Moreover, he contributed significantly to the financial technology sector as the director of product management for emerging technologies at VISA®.

Jorge will share insights from his extensive experience driving technological innovation and transformation. His unique perspective, which combines a deep understanding of technology with a commitment to social responsibility, will provide invaluable guidance to executives seeking to drive growth and innovation within their organizations.


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