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Stailer & Stailer Partners
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Stailer is an online platform that brings the best stylists, barbers, and overall specialists of the hair & beauty industry available in all the counties of the country. The app improves the usual experience of the beauty salons both for the users and for the specialists as well. The salons can easily digitalize their activity through the app that customizes the configured systems managed by the Stailer team.
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The IMCo IoT mobile application is part of the IMCo Inventory Management System technology that turns retail shelves into powerful allies for out-of-stock and loss prevention by making the most out of the internet of things. Implementing this system helps retailers sell more by having a live overview on their phones, which allows them to restock before getting out of stock. Fast recognition and elimination of out-of-stock products increase sales by 3-4%. It also improves loss prevention due to its real-time manipulation and theft alerts.
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Zorc is a platform responsible for the automation of the iron manufacturing process in multiple foundries. Information such as the final casting, measurements made during the process, and the chemical composition of the materials are trackable through the software. The quality assurance of the casting is made by constantly checking the specifications in different phases of the process. A business process model notation is used in order to integrate multiple departments of the foundries into the application.
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Learning to read is the first must-have skill in our early development. All children with access to education are going through this process, but each journey is different. As learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, children and parents work together to achieve this essential milestone. Readability is a mobile app that comes in handy to make children’s experience better.
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