2022 in Review: A year of Exceptional Growth and Strong Team Bond

2022 in Review: A year of Exceptional Growth and Strong Team Bond

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Teodora Istrati

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Key Takeaways

Here is the story of 2022

Last year was a year of significant growth. We expanded both the culture and our team with 15 new colleagues. We continue the path of open and authentic culture—a place for passionate professionals to find the fastest way to bring unique value to the world. And we're grateful for that.

The year 2022 was a defining moment for us, here at Linnify. From multiple product launches to new partnerships, collaborations, and unique experiences, the team had many victories to celebrate.

But it wasn't just the business accomplishments of the year that made 2022 great—it was how the team combined their skills and talents to achieve them. In this year in review, we'll take a look back at some of the highlights of 2022 and how the company's culture of collaboration and innovation made it all possible.

Top 5 Highlights of 2022

1. Became Google Cloud Partners

2. Not one, but two Workations in Greece

3. Top 3 2022 Awards: 

  1. Global Frontrunners of Creative&Design and Dev&IT
  2. ‘Excellence in Innovation’ Award
  3. Romania’s Leading Web Developer

4. Top 3 Official Product Launches: 

  1. Child Car Safety App
  2. Wens Travel
  3. InfoAbil.

5. Dissemination of Linnify’s Essential Validation Playbook Knowledge

  1. for startups through HIVE and Global Startup Cities
  2. for students SSASUBB.

Top 3 of What You Liked Best on Our Blog

1. Essential guide for product success | Free Download

2. As seen on TV: How does Child Car Safety App help parents keep their children safe during car rides 

3. How poolside remote work boosts motivation and lowers stress | Linnify’s authentic take on remote work abroad 

Editors' Picks for 2022

Article Series 

Product Development Essentials 

1. Must-Knows in Developing a product:

2. Design Sprint Series:

3. Linnify in the US ecosystem series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

UX/UI Design Series 

1. 'All the shapes of UI' Series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

2. What’s the real impact of AdobeXD on your design & business processes? | Adobe XD pros and cons

3. The money you lose daily without knowing is like a quiet drip underneath your sink. Is it ‘just’ design? by Catalin Briciu, Co-CEO

Future of Work Series

1. Don’t get left behind by Catalin Briciu, Co-CEO

2. Why work-life balance is not the solution by Alexandru Bogdan, Co-CEO

3. How poolside remote-work boosts motivation and lowers stress

Top Interviews

1. Eight responses to pressing product management matters in the startup world | Andre Albuquerque, Founder of One Month PM

2. In case of emergency: break the norm - be prepared | Interview with Dr. Paul Oarga, First Aid Academy & HelpMe App owner

3. People interested to invest in an IT startup can be found all the time if the product is successful and growing | Alexandru Bogdan for Republica.ro

Top Case Studies

1. Readability Reading Tutor Award Winning App (USA) - Technical Case Study

2. DRD - the first telemedicine app in Austria - Technical Case Study

3. Stailer - revolutionizing beauty app raising over €5 bil in 4 investment rounds in a year - Technical Case Study 


1. The essential guide for rising entrepreneurs who want to futureproof their ideas and investments

2. Unleash your UX/UI design superpowers | Your essential handbook for generating design that matters

Access the Gratefulness Corner

Without the dedication and the talent gathered here at Linnify, nothing could’ve been possible. Thus, we are extremely grateful to be surrounded by amazing people who share the drive to create digital products that dare to change the way people experience life. 

It was all about the way you've navigated every day, every challenge, together as a team, with bold ideas and steady steps. We are proud of each and every one of you.

At the same time, it’s truly important to mention the external platforms that make it possible for us to match our skills and culture with daring and innovative entrepreneurs and companies worldwide:

TechBehemoths, Clutch, Goodfirms, Amplifyre Hub, Dribbble, DesignRush, SuperbCompanies, AdWorldMasters, lisnic, and TrueFirms. You’re making the digital business worldwide so much easier to navigate, and for that, we are grateful. 

Looking forward to the opportunities 2023 will bring as we feel that 2022 has created a strong bond within the Linnifian team as well as tremendous growth that will solidify our position in the face of any challenge.

A creative year ahead to all of you.




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Teodora Istrati

Teodora Istrati is a talented and profound marketer with a remarkable passion for storytelling. She has established herself as an invaluable asset in Linnify's content creation and editorial support.

Over the past two years alone, she has contributed significantly to more than 40 articles, covering a diverse range of topics including product development, the future of work, idea validation, design, and captivating interviews that explored and showcased the experiences of individuals within organizations. Her approach to content creation is nothing short of soulful, as she strives to connect with the core of an author's ideas and deliver them to the audience in a profound and engaging manner.

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