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8 out of 10 products fail
to achieve market fit and stability, or cannot go beyond the early adopters’ stage or experience stagnated growth.
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But what if there’s a way of validating your product ahead of making any fundamental decisions or investments?
Get a validated prototype in 5 days
Build and validate your idea faster than ever

Launching a new product can be tough. Finding the right expertise and trustworthy support to validate the market needs and fit ahead of going live, represent the biggest struggles for startups and product owners.

But what if there’s a way to turn the risks and fears into doable challenges?

Meet 'Sprint', the 5-day successful fast validating framework, initially created to support Silicon Valley start-ups, spin-offs and scale-ups ahead of building their product and going to market.

We’ve been there too. Each decision made, especially within the early stage of the product development, can make or can break a product market entry.

But the good news is that there are authentic ways of decreasing risks and loss of investment. Build and validate your product prototype in just five days.
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Serverly case study

Curious about how the prototyping and validation worked with a start-up product?

Discover the Serverly story with daily details. One facilitator, one decision maker, two developers, two designers, one sales and one marketing expert built a prototype in five days and validated with the target users. Now they are ready to confidently go-to-market.

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Interested in decreasing your risks and validating your idea fast?
Unleash your potential
- start at the end - goals - define the challenge, chose a target
- come up with solutions [on paper]
- critique, decide, then prototype + decision making
- fake it - realistic prototype - mindset strategy tools
- big insights from just 5 customers - learn by watching them react at your prototype
Wondering how it goes? See below
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Tired of knocking on doors to pitch your start-up for partners/funding?
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Sketching never got so businessy and calm at the same time.
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What’s your stance on “Fake it till you make it”?
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What if you are part of the prototype?
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Prototype your idea and validate it ahead of making any substantial investments.
If you are a start-up, spin-off, or prepare to scale up, sign up for the most innovative idea competition.

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Validate your idea

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