Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity | Celebrating the Lucky 7

Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity | Celebrating the Lucky 7

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Teodora Istrati

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Key Takeaways


Let’s just start by saying we agree with Thomas Jefferson. 

Different ages, sure, but when it comes to luck, we’re on the same page.

‘I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.’

We’ll take the liberty to add ‘smarter’ to the hard-working bit.

We’re lucky to be here. And so are you. Exactly where you are. 

Because luck is directly related to our very own efforts and vision.

Wait. Why are we talking about luck?

Because today marks the beginning of a new era. 

The era of a magic number - the Lucky 7.  

7 years of Linnify

Linnify celebrates 7 years of experience in software product development

This means that we are more excited than ever to welcome opportunity by being dedicated to consistent preparation that: 

  1. Helps our clients stay committed to their success every step of the journey.
  2. Helps our dear Linnifians be on their fastest path to bringing their unique value to the world.
  3. Helps you with a brand new Opportunity waiting in this article. Keep on reading.


We all know this has been an intense year. 

Software development changes. The venture environment changes. But there’s one thing that doesn't:

Our drive to keep on powering through. We like change. We like challenges. We enjoy powering through knowing we transform the future. 

And this is why we embraced this year fully. And hopefully, you felt that too.  

This year, our preparation created one exciting opportunity for you. Your business idea will thank you sooner than you think. But only if you are ready to step towards creating your own luck. Keep on reading.

What preparations have we worked on this year?

1. Expanding to the US

Establishing our secondary HQ in Austin, Texas

Linnify opens secondary HQ in Austin Texas

Here’s to all the time zone calculations, flights, hosted events, new location establishments and so much more. This expansion is more than just another address to our Footer. 

‘It’s a transformative move’, says David Valentino, Managing Director at Austin Venture Association, and a dear partner of Linnify.

June and October marked two months full of new experiences in a new business environment. With, coincidentally, 7 events organized there for startups and corporations, we can say that this year has been truly a remarkable milestone for integrating our validation mindset into the Austin buzzing venture landscape. 

We’re officially setting grounds in Austin. Stay tuned to see more. 

Better yet, ask Catalin Briciu more about it the next time you get the chance. 

He is everywhere. 

Don’t believe me? 

Then, maybe you’ll believe Forbes, as they marked him as one of the 30 under 30 of 2023. 

(Congratulations once more. You deserve this.)

2. Getting to the Top 5 at Made in Romania

National Contest by Bucharest Stock Exchange

Your incredible support in the Made In Romania #6 program played an indispensable role in getting us to 4th place. We saw each comment, story, share, encouraging message, and we truly are grateful for this strong community that we have.

Your vote wasn’t just a click—it was a powerful statement that you believe in us and our mission. And we couldn’t ask for more. 

This fuels our dedication to continue to build successful products that dare to change the way people experience life.

3. Enhancing our Validation Methodology

Broadening access via digitalizing it

The Validation-Driven Mindset grows deeper and deeper roots as this year we’ve been Validation Partners at Innovation Labs Cluj-Napoca. The participants have gone through our validation methodology getting a much clearer picture of what and how to define their product for market fit. 

‘Without the validation, it was like this: you go over an idea with your team, you refine it and then you have a refined idea. Nothing more, nothing less. But after you apply the validation process, not only do you have a very well-defined idea -- your idea becomes a product that’s ready to enter the market. Moreover, a product in a shape that the market wants or needs. And for programs like this. That is top notch.’ - Alex Ivan, former Innovation Labs participant, current Linnifian

And because we wanted to help entrepreneurs world wide, we managed to create something exciting around this. But you’ll soon know all about it.

4. Keeping our clients happy

Maintaining 5-star ranking on review platforms

Linnify best software development

We’re truly dedicated to creating a connection between the product, the client, and ourselves as we develop together. 

We understand what it’s like. We’ve gone through many phases to get here. 

And it’s in our nature to share this hands-on expertise with our clients. And we’re genuinely delighted to see this message get through. 

Thank you for your trust. We’re grateful for creating products that dare to change the way people experience life with you. 

‘They are very diligent and true experts at what they’re doing.’ - Head of Product, Stock Management Company
‘Their involvement and dedication were truly wonderful.’ - Cristina Boels, Marketing Manager, WENS Travel
‘Their genuine interest in the client's success is reflected in their high-quality work and valuable insights.’- Paul Whyte, CTO, Bulk Exchange

This is why we have the honor to win awards such as:

> and Manifest’s Most Reviewed Web Developers in Romania

> FirmsTalk's Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Romania,  

> DesignRush's Top Design Agencies and Best Software Development Companies.

But all that couldn’t be done without Linnifians who make it happen every. single. day. 

Thus, here are a couple of mentions of the most important moments with and by Linnifians. 

5. Dedicating soul in Linnifian Culture

Actively listening to Linnifian's needs

Everything we do for Linnifians is done with incredible attention to what would be best for them. From internal events to employee journey improvements, we are in this together. 

We discuss. We share our perspectives. We listen to feedback. We adjust. 

Yes, sometimes we could’ve done it better. 

But guess what? We always do the next time. 

We’re grateful for all the investment and dedication of each Linnifian who trusts us to grow together with them. 

This all would not have been possible without you. 

Because Linnify wasn’t just born ‘lucky’. We’re constantly working to create the space for that Luck, Preparation, and Opportunity to meet. 

6. Establishing a strong team bond

This year, the team had a different type of team-building experience. We gathered feedback from past years, we brainstormed, and we created the Nature Oasis Odyssey

It might even win an award for possibly the best team building of the year, carefully crafted by our People and Culture team. We’ve got a full article on it. That’s how much we loved it.

7. Empowering growth via learning events

Internship, Meetups, Courses, Events

Yes, it is true. 

We cannot keep it to ourselves. 

We want to share what we have learned. 

And we decided to stay as committed as possible to this mission. 

This is why this year marked a series of events focused on helping people grow in terms of product development. 

Goes without saying, the internship is a dear dear project of ours. Cheers to the interns who made it through the process and defined the story of the ‘Discover New Life Forms’ Internship. We are genuinely looking forward to seeing you grow. 

Meetups? Yes, please. The Backend Meetup #001 was a blast. It was getting late on a Wednesday evening and people still couldn’t help but network just a little more. We are looking forward to the upcoming one. Hope you are too.

The ‘From X to UX/UI Designer’ Event pinpointed a massive moment in time. The seats have been booked before we even announced the whole event. The waiting list was growing. It was great. We are genuinely happy to have hosted this event and connected with designers of all experience levels. Thank you for joining us. You rock!

And our first 8-week long course? React Native Course made the honors. It’s been a joy to receive over 100 applications in such a short time. To be completely honest, we weren’t sure what to expect. But you’ve definitely outdone it. 


Now that we’ve gone through all the work. It’s time for opportunity. 

We’re happy to be here. With you. 

Because without you, all the efforts wouldn’t meet the same fulfillment, joy, and motivation. 

After working with around 150 startups, we realized that the main issue of ventures is actually common

not knowing what they don't know.

When starting out, most entrepreneurs wear multiple hats. 

But. We’re only human. 

Thus, we are prone to missing the point.

This is why we decided to create The Point. 

The Point where Validation meets Investment.
linnify creates the point

The Point envisions a future where people from anywhere in the world can validate their business ideas in a fast and structured way. 

Their official launch is right around the corner.

the point linnify official launch

The future looks bright. As bright as you make it. 

Let’s work together in creating your own luck.  

But just know there is a good chance it can be 7 times brighter than what you’d initially expect.

Get in touch. We're an email away.

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Teodora Istrati

Teodora Istrati is a talented and profound marketer with a remarkable passion for storytelling. She has established herself as an invaluable asset in Linnify's content creation and editorial support.

Over the past two years alone, she has contributed significantly to more than 40 articles, covering a diverse range of topics including product development, the future of work, idea validation, design, and captivating interviews that explored and showcased the experiences of individuals within organizations. Her approach to content creation is nothing short of soulful, as she strives to connect with the core of an author's ideas and deliver them to the audience in a profound and engaging manner.

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