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Taking too long to push innovation forward in your company?

We help you integrate a ready-to-use innovation framework to enhance your organization’s capability to continuously innovate.

Open Call for Experimentation Partnerships

Companies are missing out on a $1.6 trillion emerging market due to slow or poor validation processes.

We do that by leveraging Linnify's validation process and focusing on

Longterm support

Hands-on involvement

Return on Investment clarity


Integrated validation methodology for internal or external ideas
Direct connection to the international startup ecosystem
Simplified decision-making for pursuing innovative initiatives
Tangible results from the market in less than 6 months
Dedicated validation expertise
Innovation culture adoption through validation-driven training


Curious of the details of the innovation framework?

Download this blueprint to better understand our collaboration model.


Deeply rooted in the US and European innovation ecosystems
Innovation practices based on the company's
'Validation Playbook'
Product development and prototyping capabilities
Validation-driven mindset in experimenting with the agility of a startup


What do we mean by validation-driven?

Linnify's validation-driven approach to corporate innovation combines the strategic foresight of a big company with the experimental agility of a startup.

We do that by repurposing the Validation Playbook, a tool used by early-stage founders to reach problem/solution fit and to validate the need in the market for their idea, to the specific needs of an enterprise.

What is the Validation Playbook?

A valuable tool for achieving tangible innovation results

We do that by moving from theory to practice with the agility of a validation-driven mindset

The ultimate roadmap to achieving problem-solution fit

It compiles a transformative methodology mix for entrepreneurial success, blending principles of Agile, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and beyond.

Unique insights for a clear path from idea to market validation

by leveraging expert insight from a vast range of product validation, startup, and innovation methodologies.

Are you part of a large enterprise with a focus on accelerating innovation in their industry?

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The 3-step innovation process


3-6 months

Pilot the validation process with current top-of-mind business ideas.


3 months

Integrate the validation process into your company’s innovation infrastructure.


3 months and beyond

Continually innovate with industry's best practices, always connected to the ecosystem.


I was really taken aback by Linnify’s exceptional delivery, and the highly professional and intelligent teams that proved themselves to be real experts. They truly are a partner in the journey of product development, and they helped us save invaluable time and money in the process.

See product case study

Paul Whyte

CTO & PO, BulkExchange
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Linnify is a great technology partner and their dedication to our app is evident in all aspects of the product. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our new ideas to life.

See product case study


Product Manager, Readability
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Linnify brought a lot of value to the project that went over the app development. They offered strategic advice that helped us align with our vision for the two Stailer apps created together. They really cared about the project, creating a unique collaboration. Linnify is a vital component of Stailer.

See product case study

Vladislav Naliciadji

Chief Product Officer, Stailer
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Our experience with Linnify has been great from start to finish. They offered us valuable feedback that helped us shape the final product. The team showed high levels of professionalism in project management. They were very responsive and transparent in each step of the project. All of our requests were met on time at their highest quality.

See product case study

Georg Hachmann

Founder and Owner, Inventory Systems GmbH & IMCo
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What does an Experimentation Partnership look like?

In-depth R&D process carried out by Linnify on your vertical and company-specific innovation challenges

A tailored actionable process to drive innovation internally

Direct connection with emerging startups already trying to solve the challenges you’re facing

Increased innovation competitiveness and brand reputation as a validation & innovation-driven enterprise


Time allocation of your internal innovation-drivers for

1. discovery interviews to identify the vertical-specific challenges and blockers

2. co-design sessions for your tailored validation process

Could use a partner to find solutions faster for the specific challenges in your vertical?

Then let's partner up

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